Google Ads

You've got this brand new shiny website. Now what? The question we are always asked is "how do I get discovered online?" There are many great ways to climb Googles ranking, but it takes time. If any company tells you they guarantee to make you #1 on Google in a short time, they're not being honest. We'll talk more about ways to climb Google's ranking that don't cost anything later. These are things such as blogging and reviews.

Google Ads are a great way to be discovered online. 

This service is often referred to as "pay-per-click". This means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not just when they see it. This is a much more efficient and productive way to advertise. Social Sphere Media manages pay-per-click Google ads and Social Media campaigns for businesses of all sizes. You decide your budget and we will work with you to create effective ads that help potential customers find you online. 

The cost to manage pay-per-click ads is $350 per month (plus the budget you set for the ad spend). Would you like to get started with pay-per-click ads? Email us or call us today!

Jono Long