Got SEO? What It Is and Why It’s Important for Your Business


Is your small business taking full advantage of search engine optimization (SEO)? That might be the wrong question if you’re unsure. Does your small business have any SEO strategy at all? If the answer is no, or your SEO efforts to date are less than stellar, you’re probably leaving cold hard cash on the table. 

SEO Nuts and Bolts (a Tango to Top Results)

When you enter a search query into Google or another search engine, the displayed results aren’t placed in random order. In fact, Google considers over 200 factors when deciding where to rank each result for any given search. 

The goal is to produce a list where the top-ranking results are the ones that provide the absolute best information in response to your search query. 

Of course, folks with websites want their sites primed and ready to achieve top-ranking results. 

This is where SEO enters the picture—it’s the process of making a site so awesome that search engines give it primetime visibility in search results, causing visitors to flock to the site in droves. 

And the more visitors a site gets, the more money the business behind the site will make when visitors become customers!

Think of it like this--

SEO is picking out a beautiful dress for your business’s website to wear to the Google ball. The kind that makes people “ooh” and “ahh” and ask for a dance. Make the haters, i.e., competitors, jealous as you get all the attention!

Great SEO is achieved through a set of proven practices like using the right keywords, improving web code, and enhancing site usability—but we’ll save the rest of the technical rabbit hole for Alice.

A Slice of Reality

Ready to consider a real-world example? Suppose you’re hungry for a delicious, piping-hot pizza (hold the anchovies!) It’s been a long day and you don’t feel like trekking outside of the house. 

Delivery it is.

You open the mighty information machine that is Google and search for “pizza delivery near me.”

Within fractions of a second, a search results page of nearby delivery-offering pizza joints appears. 

Chances are good you will click through to one of the top 5 listed pizza deliverers on the page—that’s exactly what 67% of Google users do regardless of their search query. 

Chances are also good that these top 5 pizza joints invest in SEO so cheese deprived customers like yourself know where to click or call 

As for the other 20 pizza delivery places in town? 

Well, you didn’t see them on the front page of Google, and they didn’t get your hard-earned money.

And well played, Mr. Pizza Delivery Guy-with-the-lit-SEO. 

Get High (Rankings) with a Little Help From Your Friends

If you’re a small business, doing your own SEO can be like drilling your own teeth when you have the option to see a dentist.


Fortunately, digital marketers go to proverbial dental school so you don’t have to. The right agency is an ROI-magnifying glass, working with your small business through all phases search engine optimization for Google--from strategy development and implementation through on-going campaign monitoring. 

Why not trust your SEO to a pro?

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Jono Long