We Understand the Non-Profit World


We love to work with local non-profits

Our founder, Jono Long, has been working in & with non-profit organizations for over 20 years. Because of this experience, Social Sphere Media understands what it is like to try to get the word out about your organization on a limited budget.

The cool thing about non-profits is that you have been on social media longer than most - because it’s free….and we all know that non-profits LOVE FREE!

If your organization needs help with social media management, we can take that load off of your shoulders by handling your posting and campaigns for you.

If you’ve noticed people aren’t finding your website, then maybe search engine optimization is what you need. We can do that for you.

Is your website outdated or hard to update? Do you need a new website? We can build you a nice new website or update your existing site.

We lower our rates for non-profit organizations by 20%.

If you’d like to schedule a casual meeting to discuss the possibility of working with us to raise awareness for your cause and gain new support, just click the button below to send us a message. We will reach out asap.